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Customs and Events

 A Kreis in the Duchy of
 Pommern / Pomerania

Pommern Tracht of the 19th Century

Customs and Events - a listing of events and holiday customs from yesteryear.

Greifenberg Map - a detailed map of Kreis Greifenberg showing the various small villages.

Kreis Sites - access to the various Kreis sites that are found on the Internet.  Also some genealogical sites to assist in your family search plus some personal web sites of descendants of former Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern residents..

A- K Village Summaries  - of various cities and villages in Kreis Greifenberg.  They include Arnsberg, Batzlaff, Behlkow, Borntin, Broitz, Carnitz, Dargislaff, Drosedow, Fiersberg, Glansee, Görke, Gützelvitz, Hagenow, Hoff, Kirchhagen, Klätkow, and Koldemanz. 

 K-Z Village Summaries- includes the villages of Küssin, Langenhagen, Lensin, Loppnow, Prust, Rewahl, Ribbekardt, Robe, Rottnow, Schmalenthin, Schruptow, Schwessow, Triebs, Treptow, Trieglaff, Voigtshagen, Wachholzhagen, Wittenfelde, Woedke, Zarben, Zedlin, Zirkwitz, Zitzmar.

Emigrants - A listing of Pommern Emigrants indicating their home village and the state where they emigrated to.

Helpful Web Sites for genealogists and also web sites of the various kreise of Pommern.

Occupations and other German words found in documents and church records Also a listing of  Polish special letters and their pronunciation, (und Die polnischen Sonderzeichen).

Polish_German_Letters and pronunciations plus form letters for writing to Polish and German archivest.

Polish Folk Songs  for your celebration sing-alongs.

Pomeranian Recipes includes many you probably enjoyed as a child, plus others.

Queries -You are invited to add your Kreis Greifenberg queries to this site.

Pommern and Prussua Maps A map of Pomerania which contains the various Kreises plus a thumbnail historical sketch of Pommern.  Also a map of Prussia at the height of her glory, including some of her history.

Pommern History Timeline - A brief outline with dates, from the earliest known history to 1990.

Prussian History Timeline - A brief outline with dates, from the Prussia's creation to its demise.

Surname Search - A listing of former Kreis Greifenberg residents including the e-mail address of the descendant that is researching them.

Villages-Renamed - A listing of the villages of Greifenberg,  including the Polish name change and the information regarding survived church records.

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