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Kreis Greifenberg- A Kreis of the Duchy of Pommern



Personal Web Sites With Kreis Greifenberg Ancestry

Other Helpful Genealogical Sites 

 Pommern Kreis and Stadt Sites On The Internet

Belgard - Deutsch Friedeberg - Deutsch Netzekreis - Deutsch Schlawe II - Deutsch
Bütow - Deutsch Greifenberg - English Neustettin - Deutsch Schlochau - English
Bütow II - Deutsch Kolberg-Körlin - Deutsch Pyritz - Deutsch Schlochau II - Deutsch
Cammin - Deutsch Köslin-Bublitz - Deutsch Regenwalde - English Stettin - Deutsch
Dramburg - Deutsch Lauenburg - Deutsch Rummelsburg - Deutsch Stolp - Duetsch
Duetsch Krone - Deutsch Lauenburg II - Deutsch Saatzig - Deutsch West Prussia- Deutsch 
East Prussia - English Naugard - Deutsch Schlawe - Deutsch Posen, Silesia, (East.Pommern)

Other Helpful Genealogical Sites 

  • Pommerscher Verein Freistadt - a society dedicated to the preservation of Pommern culture which is also featured in the PVF quarterly newsletter, Der Rundschreiben.  Pomeranian books, maps, and other supplies are also available.

  • Greifswald - Landeskirches Archive - for information regarding their holdings, etc.

  • Pommernkontakte - a listing of Pomeranian surnames along with the village and kreis where they lived.  This database is searchable by either the surname, village or kreis.  The E-mail address of the descendant searching this ancestor is included in the information.  This is an opportunity for you to find others who may be researching the same village your ancestors had lived in. 

  • Family History Center - offers searches for the records of various villages churches that the Mormons have microfilmed.

  • World Genealogical Web - is recommended for access to records around the world.  From this site, one can also access the states within the United States and from that the county records within each state.

  • Geographic Nameserver - a site to help find the county in which a village is located.

  • Kartenmeister - help in finding village names and locations.  Features locations east of the Oder River (Hinter-Pommern), based on the borders prior to 1918.

  • Translates German - This site translates German to English or vice versa.  Other language translations are also available (but not Polish).

  • Tanslates Polish  to English or vice versa; and several other language translations.

  • Historical Research Services - professional researchers for hire

  • Dodge and Jefferson Genealogy Society - If you have ancestors from these counties, there are many resources to help you in your research plus a very helpful staff.

  • Origins - A book store with a variety of genealogical supplies, books and maps.

  • German Occupations - This could be a big help in finding your ancestor's occupation.

  • German Letter Writing - If you need help in writing a letter in German, (to an archive, to a church or personal)  this site guides you through the process.

  • Polish Letter Writing - If you need help in writing a letter to the Poland Archives, or any Polish address, this site guides you through the process.


Personal Web Sites With Kreis Greifenberg Ancestry

  • Edna Pieper Cherney Family History Site - Ancestors include many from the Neides, Nitznow, Gützelfitz, Schruptow and Karnitz in Kreis Greifenberg.  Surnames include Post, Brendemühle, Mintzlaff, Wetzel and Plack.

  • Penny Ziemer Ford  - Penny's web site indicates her ancestors were from Wödtke, Klätkow, Wefelow, Borntin and Sellin in Kreis Greifenberg.   Her ancestral tree includes the surnames of Hintz, Ziemer, Bischof, Pagenkopp, Erdmann, and Wilke. She includes many interesting photos on her site.  

  • Mitch Blank Family History  - Ancestors include the surnames of Plack, Beise, Bartelt, Reiss, Treptow, Tews, and Westphal.  They lived in the southern area of Kreis Greifenberg in the villages of Gohrke, Triebs and Wangerin

  • Heuer Family History - Ancestors from Neides, Tressin, Borntin and Voightshagen in Kreis Greifenberg. A family history with many interesting features.  Family ancestral surnames include Heuer, Ruhnke, Strege, Brockhuss, Zimmermann, Strege, and Damas.

  • Gohr and Wegner Ancestry - Ancestors from the villages of Neides, Karnitz, Hoff and Helle in Kreis Greifenberg include the surnames of Plack, Gohr, Wegner, Conradt, Fredrich, Voigt, and Miller, by Glen Gohr.

  • Christian Karl Gnirke - of Bremen, Germany; searching for American relatives.  Ancestral surnames include Gnirke, Braun, Toemke, Rübenhagen, Haack and Boelck.  By following the directions on the page optimum information will be obtained. His ancestors lived in Kreis Greifenberg up into the 1900's. This web site is in the German language.

  • Ancestors of Jerry Austin -  from Behlkow, Kreis Greifenberg.  Surnames include Salzwedel, Maronn, Jandt, Affeldt, Kober, and Dorevaldt.

  • Sternin Family Tree - from Treptow and Broitz, Kreis Greifenberg, includes the surnames of Radloff, Bonness, Trieglaff, Erdmann, and Wilke.  This web site is in the German language (as it originates in Germany).

  • Uttech and Strege - from Batzwitz - includes the names of Mueller, Dorn, Hintz, Schulz, Vandrey, Koepsel and Hartwig.  Family photos adorn this well designed site.

  • Scharping of Germany - Ancestors from Görke.  They include the names of Beerbohn, Dumke, Ehlke, Erdmann, Gauger, Hitz, Hoge, Knüppel, Koeppel, Krüger, Leitchtfuß, Möde, Müller, Neumann, Ohms, Pribslaff, Scharping, Sohrwerde, and Weitken.

  • Sternin Family of Treiglaff - includes the surnames of Radloff, Treiglaff, Erdmann, Bochansky, Wilke, and Bonneß.  There are several photos included on this web site.

  • Wassenberg family history - The Wassenberg family has roots in Treptow/Rega.  Surnames at the web site also include Forscher, Chinnow, Clemens, Granzow and others.

  • Franz Gottfried Lemke - from Batwitz, Greifenberg and his descendants by John A. Hanson.

  • Chuck Teske - has roots in Kreis Greifenberg.  His  family names include:  Tesch, Hoppe, Gaedtke, and Glander.

Note:  If you have ancestors from Pommern and would like to have your web site listed here, contact me at

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