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Kreis Greifenberg- A Kreis of the Duchy of Pommern



 Frederick I  of Brandenburg declared himself  "King in Prussia"  in Königsbert.
1740-1748 Silesia was taken from Austria in the War of the Austrian Succession.
1756-1763   Seven Years' War - Prussia fought against Austria, Russia and France.  Prussia was the winner.
1772   Prussia, Austria and Russia all took portions of Poland. Prussia gained the smallest portion, but it connected East Prussia to Brandenburg.
1793  Prussia, Austria and Russia again partitioned off Poland.  Prussia gained the city of Danzig and Thorn District.
1795  Prussia, Austria and Russia divided up Poland for the third time.  Poland ceased to exist until 1918.
1806    Prussia declared war against France, however, France defeated Prussia.
 1807      Prussia lost lost all of its land west of the Elbe River and the last two partitions of Poland, which left only Brandenburg, East Prussia, Pomerania and Silesia.
1814   Prussia, Austria, Russia and Great Britain defeated Napoleon.


Prussia gained German citizens and lost much of its Polish people when it regained Posen, Danzig and Thorn.  More than half of Saxony was given to Prussia which formed the province of Saxony.  The Rhineland and Westphalia was given to Prussia.  Denmark traded Swedish Pomerania for Lauenburg (Kreis Lauenburg).  Prussia gave up Hohenzollern land in Ansbach and Bayreuth to Bavaria.
1817 King Friedrich Wilhelm III merges the Lutheran and Reformed churches.
1831 Dozens of Lutheran pastors are imprisoned because they continued to conduct Lutheran services.  Parishioners at these services are fined and punished.
1838 A group of Old Lutherans from Pommern and Brandenburg emigrate to Australia
1839-1846 Many Old Lutherans from Pommern, Brandenburg and Silesia emigrate to the United States and Canada: Buffalo - New York, Freistadt and Lebanon in Wisconsin.


Otto von Bismarck became prime minister of Prussia, with intentions of unifying Germany.
1864  Prussian and Austrian armies took Schleswig and Holstein when Denmark threatened to annex Schleswig.  Prussia ruled Schleswig and Austria ruled Holstein until 1866.
1866 Austria became permanently separated from Prussia when it was defeated in the Seven Weeks' War.  Holstein, Hanover, Hesse-Cassel, Nassau and Frankfurt am Main became a part of Prussia.
1870-1871     France was separated from from any power in Germany after the Franco-Prussian War.  Alsace and part of Lorraine were made Imperial states of the German Empire as  a buffer between Germany and France.
1871-1918   German Empire formed (The Second Reich).
1918  The Weimar Republic was formed and the last Hohenzollern ruler was unseated.
1947   Prussia was dissolved in February of 1947.

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